While everything else is what I do,
this is who I am.

Born in ’82, Simon started his journey as a human being here on earth. In his early 20’s, he began to professionalize commissioned design.

His studies and his practice in Graphic Design, Strategic Creativity and Civic Design brought him from Lucerne to Barcelona, from Geneva to Marseille – from nowhere in Brazil to somewhere in Croatia.
After establishing Display*, a design studio for independent brands based in Switzerland, he decided to focus on the process and development of his artistic expression. Inspired by immediate reality, his artworks playfully let cognitive and intuitive elements collide. 

Visualized with pure ink on raw paper, «Life on Earth» is a continuous dialogue with the nature of ordinary life. Creating, expressing and documenting the intimate human experience.

Simons mind works best at 3km per hour – walking, touching things. Sometimes he draws random thoughts in a yellow book.

Often, he does nothing.