Skeleton of a
self-fulfilling prophecy.


Creators note

«Anatomy of Change» is the skeleton of a self-fulfilling prophecy. A sequence of words edited over and over and over again. Edited until I found an array that would open a perspective worth going with. A benevolent way of looking at things. An attitude that would be actionable.

The exhibition, developed in quarantine in the wake of the 2020 Covid pandemic, is the result my personal way of integrating reality. To find meaning and vision in a world falling apart.

To create future.

Come March — But come any month, anywhere, any time really.

Rapid change.
                          Collapsing trust.
Decay of meaning.

This causes frightening emotions in all of us, whether we are willin to admit it or not. It leaves us with but one possible source to rely on: our self. Many aspects of this moment in time are not within our power, but I choose to invest my attention on what despite still is.

                                         Can I thrive through a global pandemic?
Can I use art to create future?

To digest the experience looked up words in the Cambridge Dictionar and assigned them to the emotions felt.

Then I sat with them.
                                Quite some time.

But how to own and transfrom a given context? I started to add words that I felt where able to canalize the energy into something better, into something worth going for. A new lifeline. Much as a wave can lead to death, it can also bring great joy when catched right. This to me is mental wealth. Mental wealth can be created by anyone who has

a mind.

Thank you for watching